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OBS Studio is an open source Windows 10 screen recorder software designed for live streaming and video recording. It offers more tools compared to the Xbox Game Bar such as video editing, customizable transitions, and much more so you can tinker on different aspects of your recording. Create engaging videos, and record your screen and webcam simultaneously with the powers of MultiCam Capture. Easily create how-to videos, unboxing videos, record product demos, and more with one easy-to-use recording software. Plug in your cameras, preview the screens of your connected devices in one place, and press record. When done, your clips are already synced, so it’s easy edit your video and select which angle to show as your video plays with VideoStudio.

It is very much available online for download for free on your Microsoft Windows, whether its Windows 7 or Windows 10 & your Mac. With this tool, you can capture shots directly from your computer screen, do some edits and share your recording with friends in a matter of minutes. You can have a screen capture or record video and publish your capture online and then go on to show off your recording to everyone. NCH Software has a solid reputation for delivering amazing apps and that is exactly what they have done with Debut Video Capture.

Bandicam Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use recorder capable of capturing a specific area or the full screen. It lets you easily record flash games, streaming videos and more. The software offers several modes like gaming mode, screen recording mode and device recording mode for perfect recording.

It is one of the best screen recorder for pc which helps you to record the content of the webcam, tab, or desktop by just by pressing a record button. This free video recording software can be used for creating screencasts for record presentations, video tutorials, etc. Debut Video Capture Software is definitely more a software to capture the screen or part of the screen that it would be a replacement for applications like Fraps which is great for games. What I really like is that it can capture the sound from a microphone which means that you can create demonstration videos on the fly without having to record the sound in the editing process.

1AVCapture can also be used to capture video and audio from video devices such as camcorders. The main application for most users is probably the use as a screen recorder which can be useful for creating demonstration videos or broadcasting part of the screen or the full desktop on the Internet. You can drag and drop videos or images from the local PC in to the interface or use the recording capabilities that the program provides advast you with. The screen capturing options let you capture video footage from a connected webcam, an area on the screen or the full screen. You can in additional enable microphone capturing to add audio in real time to the recording. After creation, you can upload your creation directly to YouTube and other video sharing sites available.

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VideoPad is one of the few video editing software programs that works on both Macs and PCs, which broadens its appeal and reach. You can download a non-commercial version of VideoPad for free, but a Home Edition ($39) and Master's Edition ($69) offer more features. For example, the Master's Edition gives you unlimited audio tracks and plugins, while the Home Edition only lets you use two audio tracks and no plugins. Icecream Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use free screen recording software that enables you to record any area of your screen or save it as a screenshot. Record apps and games, video tutorials, webinars, live streams, Skype calls and much more. Screencastify is a video screen capture program designed for Chrome.

  • It is a word add-in which will help you convert your word files into ePUB, Mobi and PDF formats.
  • You would have to download this software on your Windows, iOS or Android system before using it.
  • They handle the logistics, shipping and on-demand printing.

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An amazing free screen recording software suitable for your Windows device. You can use this tool to make any kind of screen captures, work projects and software video tutorials – up to 45 minutes at a stretch. It doesn't leave unsightly watermarks which spells good, but there is just one drawback – it does not save video recordings to PC it can only export recordings to YouTube. If that factor does not bother you, then it's well worth your consideration and its excellent text-to-speech tool coupled with a built-in editor is quite an advantage. Here you go – be sure to get the best from any other task you want to do.